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Did you know…….you can have a memorable image used for your loved one.

“Dad loved the islands…”

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“Dad loved cruises, especially the islands. Him and mum had been on more than 20 cruises in their life together. In their early cruising days, they spent a lot of time on the tropical islands of the Pacific, and in later years, the islands of…

The loyalty of an animal..

Loyalty comes in all shapes and sizes. Our pets certainly become part of the family and we forget that they grieve too… #mansbestfriend#AFDA

A dog has been filmed lying beside the coffin of its owner, who was killed when a magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck central Italy.

Say goodbye to coffins… organic burial pods will turn your body into a tree after you die (

A bizarre burial alternative to turn your body into a tree after you die is trying to be got off the ground – or rather under it – in Italy.
This radical different approach to death explores the concepts of life coming full circle and returning human beings to the earth in the same position they entered into the world from in the womb – and life continuing to live on.
The idea is that your dead body is placed in the foetal position in a organic burial capsule that turns your corpse into nutrients for a tree that will grow out of your remains.
Boring cemeteries could acquire a new look – instead of being a typical “cold grey landscape” they can grow into vibrant forests. Burial plots are notoriously in ever decreasing supply and eco experts and climate change campaigners would likely also welcome the opportunity for people to ‘give something back’ to the planet in death.
The Capsula Mundi Project is the brainchild of designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel who are developing it in Italy as a concept to “redesign the coffin” – but it could take off worldwide if there is enough enthusiasm.…/say-goodbye-coffins-organic-buria…

Designers Raoul Bretzel and Anna Citelli with one of their burial pods

Something new in the ever growing environment conscious industry.

Aquamation uses the chemical process of alkaline hydrolysis – the natural way in which a body decomposes if placed in a flowing stream of water.

A combination of flowing water, high temperature and alkalinity are used to accelerate the natural course of tissue hydrolysis and chemical breakdown.

The process takes place in a stainless steel vessel, and is completely automated, operated by a single button.

At the end of this short process, the body has been broken down into chemical form and dissolved into the water. The only similarity to traditional cremation is that the only solid remains are the bones which are then returned to the family as ashes, as with cremation.



3D Printing meets personalized urns

Sometimes the selection of urns for a loved one’s cremated remains can seem a bit grim. Thanks to a startup called Foreverence, instead of choosing, your families (or your funeral business) can now design personalized urns, and just press “print”. Foreverence uses 3D printing to take celebrating life to a whole new level. Imagine being able to have your ashes placed in a personalized rocket ship, the Eiffel Tower, or even a 3D model of your face.The urns are designed uniquely for the loved one, so the family or the loved one can choose their own final resting masterpiece. While the price of their urns is a bit steep ($2,500), the idea is catchy and could spark some interest from all the tech junkies out there.

Biodegradable Water Urns

Another form of Biodegradable urns….

Biodegradable Urns can be used to place the cremated remains into the earth or water. The particular urns below break down naturally over time, leaving the remains in the chosen place. These shell urns are engineered to float for approx 5 minutes before descending into the ocean below. For more information on these and others look at

Wray Owen Funerals's photo.Wray Owen Funerals's photo.Wray Owen Funerals's photo.

Biodegradable Urns

Biodegradable Water Urns

Each Peaceful Petal® Magnolia Water Burial Urn is a beautiful red flower urn, hand created with French paper. The Peaceful Petal in red resembles many flowers, especially a red rose and a camellia, but we have chosen to call our flower urn a magnolia flower, due to the white folds of the petals. The meaning of the Magnolia Flower is beauty, love of nature, nobility, dignity and loyalty. A beautiful tribute to a strong loving soul and a beautiful and unique water burial at sea experience.

Each urn is made by skilled artists in the USA, and is an amazing 22 inches across. Since they are hand made the color of red many vary. This urn can be seen very easily from any boat or ship out on the ocean. They make a burial on water an event and are a unique way to accept and express with pride the life of your loved one. Each “green” urn is 100% biodegradable and water friendly for ocean, lake or wide-river. Instructions and a biodegradable bag is included and is used for the cremains. The bag is secured inside the flower compartment.

If you are planning on traveling with the urn, leave the cremains in the temporary container, pass through security and board your flight. The TSA will not open your loved one’s container, but will scan the container and if you have a permit form for the cremation it is helpful, but not required. The Peaceful Petal should be placed in an overhead cabin or ask the flight attendant if there is a safe place where it will not get damaged. The petals are fragile and the cremains are heavy so put the ashes in the bag, and the bag in the urn, before you leave your home or hotel room to board the boat or ship.