‘Willigofasta’ and the cycle team ride from Pisa to San Gigminano.


view over Tuscany from the dining room window

Catch up with wonderful photos of villages and Italian countryside as they stop in Pisa and ride to San Gigminano.
An update from ‘Wiligofasta’ on the group’s amazing cycling tour from Barcelona through France and Italy on their way to Rome.



Barcelona to Rome by bike – Trebbia to Trabiano

The Ducal Castle: Castello di Vigoleno. You can ride right inside.

Trebbia to Trabiano. Photography of beautiful scenery through villages and mountain regions of France and Italy taken by Ian & Kath Strathie’s doctor “Willigofasta” who is retracing stages of Le Tour with a group of willing compatriots.
Destination Rome. We’ll keep you posted with their progress.

The story behind our Logo

wo story of logo.indd


The leaf inside the shield is a stylized illustration of the Illawarra Flame Tree – Brachychiton acerifolius, native to the South Coast of NSW, Australia.
The Illawarra Flame Tree is deciduous and corresponds to the changing of
the seasons. The changing colour of the foliage represents a season for everything – the cycle of life itself.
The two sides of the leaf are symbolic of birth and death, yin and yang, mortality and eternity and the passing from one side to another.
The colour Navy represents stability and trust, faith, truth and loyalty. The shield is a Crusader Shield which is a modified Kite Shield of the 12th century.
It represents protection and safety, harmony and cohesion, ancestry, descendants and family.

Australian Funeral Directors Association forms partnership with Suicide Prevention Australia for ‘R U OK? DAY’

AFDA has formed a partnership with Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) and we will be working with SPA on a number of key strategies that may assist Members and their communities when dealing with the impact of suicide.
This year, World Suicide Prevention Day and R U OK? Day share the same date: Thursday 10 September and this year R U OK? is asking people to write a note of thanks to somebody who’s helped them through a rough patch or a tough day by taking the time to talk about it.