Space Race

Ian Strathie of Wray Owen Funerals is pushing to have the Shoalhaven Memorial Gardens and Lawn Cemetery chapel at Worrigee expanded to accommodate larger services. He’s seen too many mourners have to farewell their loved ones from outside the chapel and has called for improvements.
Mr Strathie said “As the Shoalhaven’s population had aged, the need for the Memorial Gardens and Lawn Cemetery on Worrigee Road to be expanded had also increased”.
He is determined to have the council owned chapel extended to accommodate large funerals.
“With large funerals it’s embarrassing not to be able to offer everyone a seat. Many funerals have in excess of 450 signatures but the chapel seats only 80 people.”
“It was always intended that the use of the building be reviewed about 15 years after it was built,” he said. The council cemetery committee needs to take a look at it.

ian at crematorium

Article by Adam Wright, South Coast Register

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